Friday, March 20, 2009

蘇俊賓 Is No Good

It's interesting a lot of people seem to have expectation on 蘇俊賓. Those on TV or pan green general public seem to think him as a Taiwanese moderate KMT and a reformer. In another word, they think he is a "good guy." In the recent Kuo (郭冠英) event, 蘇俊賓 failed their expectation by not punishing his subordinate 郭冠英 and indeed let him go back to Canada with 1 month paid vacation.

It's obvious what 蘇俊賓 did is unacceptable. The interesting thing is a lot of people seem to think 蘇 would do the right thing. But for a very long time I am always very suspicious of this guy. My view on him can be found here:

Does KMT Have the Ability and Credibility to Uncover The Truth?

Hmm...sometimes I admire my own ability in observation lol. But seriously though I think a lot of Taiwanese, even the old and wise, are sometimes too simple and naive when facing someone like 蘇, who appears to be reasonable, but underneath he might be just the same as all those other KMT people.

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