Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Pipe Dream

Some reports come out that indicates the opportunity regarding China's 家電下鄉 (Basically means selling electronic to the rural area, one of the stimulus type economic policy of China) is but a pipe dream.

One nice thing about this section of 大話新聞 is that it recorded all the stuffs officials etc said before, and replay them later to show if they are bull shitting or not. It shows how big of a BS the Chinese officials and KMT had created. One thing I notice is that those Chinese officials seem to have a habit of exaggerating description and numbers etc when answering questions. It is kind of a pattern I noticed over the years...but I am not sure if it is generally true. Unfortunately, once again, there are many idiots that fall for it. What is worse is that KMT actually helps in these lies.

So far, there were the fruits, tourists and now electronic...all pipe dreams IMO.

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