Friday, July 10, 2009


Echo Taiwan has some comprehensive coverage and analysis on the cause of deadly clashes in Xinjiang. Disturbing.

But if we look at ourselves...aren't there people like that in Taiwan as well? They just hear some rumors from the media, and get enraged instantly. Especially if we look back at those KMT supporters during the Red Clothes Army and post 2004 and 2000 presidential election time. Of course what is happening in China is 100 times more severe because obviously those Han Chinese do not even treat those Uyghurs as human beings.

People nowadays look back at the witch-hunt in Europe and North America and think those people are so stupid. But look at what is happening today! Even with all the information technology available, those Guangdong Han Chinese are as ignorant and fanatical as ever. This is disturbing indeed. Also, it is in Guangdong, a supposedly more prosper, advanced and civilized province in Chinese territory. It shows that advance in economy does not guarantee humanity. (Well...if we look back at history, there are already a lot of example, but this one is a good reminder.)

I hope Taiwanese look at this event carefully. I hope they look, sympathize and learn... DON"T REPEAT THE 228 MISTAKE.

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