Saturday, July 25, 2009

ECFA Cartoon Shows Many Kuo (郭冠英) in Taiwan

Many nice blog posts regarding the insults of the ECFA cartoon:
As all the reports and blogs show, the problems behind these cartoon characters is deep.

Everyone is very surprised that such shameful discriminatory cartoon gets created in Taiwan, and not from any place, but the government itself (or some whomever is hired by the government to create this). It feels that we are going back in time 20 or so years, or rather, such problem still exist within Taiwan society. It is like grasses with deep roots, that get cut during DPP's time in the government, but grow right back after. It shows that the Kuo (郭冠英) incident, like I said before, is but a tip of an ice burg. 郭冠英 is not a single crazy guy. There are quite some people like him. Even Ma, IMO, has this tendency. He just hides it very well. (in many occasions he shows his arrogant and almost colonizer-ish attitude, but they are apparent if one does not pay attention to news or his behavior)

However, although some idiots will actually believe this garbage, majority of people I am sure are shocked and displeased by such creation. I am wondering though...why? If they know these cartoon is insulting, it means that Ma's government is trying to insult people (especially the opposition to ECFA) on purpose. If they actually think this is OK, it means Ma's government is worse than Kuo. Or maybe they are trying to redirect public attention from a bigger problems? I speculate too any case, this cartoon is disgusting and unacceptable. It shows Ma team's incompetence, arrogance, stupidity and...evilness, for the lack of better word.

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