Friday, July 3, 2009

Interesting News, Japan and the US finally Made a Move?

This is an interesting news.

Japan and the US are moving military forces Apache helicopters to 與那國島.

Not totally sure what the implication is yet, but certainly it looks like a big move by Japan and the US. Does this have something to do with North Korea situation? Or is this just for Taiwan, or something else?


But looks like the stupid KMT "military specialist" already jumps up and down with great fury...idiots. If they take care of their business in the past few years, would Japan and the US make this move? It is obvious their action of hindering Taiwan's military development has threaten the stability in the region, now that the military balance is tilting in China's favor. That is why the move by the US and Japan.

All I can say is, those KMT so called "military specialists" can only think for China, not for Taiwan. I would say most of their "expert" opinion can be discarded unless Taiwan wants to help China instead of helping itself.

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