Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Wonder How Many People Are LIke This Person...

I wonder how many pan blue supporters are like this guy.

To translate simply. The author is now very disappointed in KMT, but he/she was a very strong KMT supporter. He/she was very happy when Ma won the election in 2008, but now disappointed and start to worry about the future.

Those are not unusual. What is unusual is...he/she supported pan blue and KMT simply because pan blue express themselves more 溫文儒雅 (means something like politeness, gentleman/lady like, courteous etc). First thing to get straight is not every pan-blue politician are 溫文儒雅. A lot of them are quite thuggish in their appearance and behaviour. However, indeed, all the more popular pan-blue politician, like Ma, or the Taichung city Mayor like Hu, talk in a more gentle...almost feminine like tones.

Personally I don't give politeness too much credit. I think people should be courteous and polite...but those are not major concerns when we talk about something serious like politics. In politics, I would rather put priority on other more important personal quality. Especially in Taiwan's teenager-ish political environment, fervor in comments are sort of expected. Politicians will occasionally raise their voice, talk loudly, and with animated body language...etc in this environment, unless they have the trained mind of Dalai Lama, which I doubt many people have, or they do not give a f**k, in which case they are worse politicians.

However, I know majority of people prefer/like people that talk softly and act politely. It is simply part of human nature. I also know this is actually part of KMT's past propaganda taking effect. In the past, KMT simply labeled pan green as low level rioters, and a lot of people believe it, because they saw the picture and the video of the violent protest. However, they do not know the cause and the reason. They do not understand those violent protesters are fighting for people's freedom in Taiwan. They do not know they are trying to change a corrupted authoritarian government. Those past emotion remain until this day. So even there are a lot of thuggish pan-blue politicians, people do not notice....etc.

However, the main point really you want to base your political judgement and choice simply on how people speak and how polite they are? Just think about it, and you will know how ridiculous that is.

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