Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some Coincidence

I am not a superstitious person...but sometimes it is just amusing when something coincidental happens:

1 From 海兒's post reply in South News.

2005年他趁著連戰出國時先下手為強的宣佈參選黨主席並順利地以高票當選,結果在2007年就因為「市長特別費弊案」被迫辭去黨主席。2008年他以 765萬高票當選總統時,我當時隱約也感覺到他很可能重蹈覆轍,結果現在一年三個月不到的時間就真的搞得眾人唾罵,權位岌岌可危。

The example describes how Ma took a fall every time he became KMT chairman. After he succeed Lien and become KMT chairman, he has to step down very soon due to Taipei Mayor special budget scandal.

This time again, after he grabbed KMT chairman position, this unfortunate event caused a storm in his political career. A lot of people, even foreign reporters, think Ma's political career looks very grim. I agree with that...in all logical reason he has lost all his political credibility. But I also wonder...Do Taiwanese truly wake up this time? And the root of the problem is actually not just Ma, but all the KMT's twisted values that he stands for...I wonder if Taiwanese see it clearly.

2. From 海國右衛門's post.
今天的直機 CODE 竟然是!!!

NAVY 546 !!!

(Click the image to see the full picture and the number 546 clearly)

One of the US navy's MH-53E Sea Dragon Helicopters' that landed in Taiwan to help the rescue mission has a code number NAVY 546... During 2008 presidential election, approximately 5460000 voted for DPP's Mr. Hsieh, and 7650000 voted for KMT's Ma. So the code coincidentally approximated the first 3 digits of the number 546 萬 (萬 is 10000, a common way to short hand the number in Taiwan) of votes that go to Mr. Hsieh.

This is first time that any US military force enter Taiwan's domain in...30 years maybe, and one of the helicopter has this number.

Yea, this is just a stupid coincidence, but what a coincidence.

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