Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am quite confused...i am not sure why. It seems Ma government did not mobilize all the possible assets in the rescue operations.


The last paragraph:
從昨天新聞報導中,我很驚訝在災情第四天才投入六千兵力。六千人就像是『螞蟻撼樹』一樣,無力呀!我實在不 清楚為何昨天災民call in說隔壁營區阿兵哥在唱軍歌,看到報紙有人投書救災部隊不出來,改待命等長官視察。如果真的苦民所苦,現今三軍統帥為何不像九二一時下令北中部軍團往 南,前進各災區,發揮二十五萬軍隊的力量迅速幫助災民清理及重建家園呢? 

Basically the author (a retired military officer) is very surprised that only 6,000 military personnels are mobilized in the rescuing effort, and that is on the 4th day of the disaster...there are approximately 25,0000 military personnels available, and during 921, much more people were mobilized...6,000 is simply not enough to cover the whole disaster areas.

From the news we can see that all the soldiers that went into the rescue operations are doing their best, some even sacrificed their lives during the process (helicopters crashes). :( But it is obvious they were stretched to their limits but still cannot perform the operation fast enough. It is obvious more people and equipments is required. And there are more...but Ma did not use them. Why???

Also, he mentioned:

Basically, he said during his military career, whenever there was a typhoon warning, they will receive one command: treat rescue operation the same as battle, if there are disasters, all units should mobilize for rescue operations immediately.

Comparing the past and present, I am sure everyone notice how much slower and how much less the government and the military reacted. Even now, a lot of possible useful military assets are still unused...

This is really strange...Also, combining this to this news, it is even stranger. The US state department said they have enough resource in east Asia, and if required, they are willing to help out. But Ma government so far does not ask for it. However, it seems there are still a lot of problems, a lot of people that need to be rescued and a lot of towns etc that need assistance. Why doesn't the government mobilize more of its assets, and at the same time also does not ask for foreign aid?

Just weird and

UPDATE: eTaiwan news has a nice editorial on this matter.

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