Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Loyal Lapdog


I simply cannot believe it...this guy simply uses every chance to help putting makeups on China no matter what.

The title:
Taiwan’s Major Threat Is Nature, Not China, President Ma Says.
WHAT!! In so many way that is just so wrong. It is like I got stabbed by a knife, therefore, knives are more dangerous than guns. How about just say both natural disaster and China are challenges and threat Taiwan has to face?

The armed forces will have disaster prevention and rescue as their main job.

That just sounds so wrong...the armed forces main job cannot be just disaster prevention and rescue operation. Their main job should include repelling external national threats, etc. Now he tries to limit our national military mission? Maybe they don't need MND (Minister of National Defense) anymore, all military will take order from an organization similar to the US FEMA.

I don't like to say it...but what a fool...

This is from the English one with the foreign reporters...There is nothing new, he still tried to lie or deny his way through everything. I am still trying to digest the craps he said in the Mandarin one with domestic reporters.

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